Easter 2020

Well this Easter is certainly a very different one for all of us.


Easter 2018

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about why Easter is often one of the hardest times of the year for anyone who has lost a child (read it here).

One of the reasons I highlighted is that if you’re a parent of loss it can be hard to watch other families and their children getting out and about enjoying the weekend.  Well this year hopefully it will be a little easier for those who have lost a child, as no one can go out anywhere, so you don’t have to see all the farm visit photos or pictures of picnics in national trust estates or cute Easter bonnet competition photos.

Mangawhai beach Easter 2019

Last Easter

Last Easter we were lucky enough to spend it on the other side of the world at my brother-in-law’s beautiful wedding in New Zealand and visited friends in Australia before enjoying a few days in Hong Kong and Singapore.  How lucky are we that we did all of that last year and not this year?

Mangwhai New Zealand

Count your blessings

This time of the year I like to remember just how lucky we are.  Yes I work in travel so have lost all my work for now but I have a lovely little family and a home with garden we can isolate in.  Life is good for me and I’m lucky (I’ve also worked very hard for the last 20 years too!).

Aurora enjoying chocolate buttons for breakfast!

Remember people you haven’t lost your freedom you are just staying safe at home.  Soon you will be able to do anything you wish again and go anywhere you please.  I for one am looking forward to travelling again and have already started to daydream about it.

Future plans

If I can help you plan your escape and your next adventure then please let me know as it helps to keep my passion burning and my travel addiction satisfied.  You can register for updates about travel bargains via my website here https://sarahstephens.inteletravel.uk

Whatever you’re up to this Easter weekend make the most of it.  Relax spend time with your family, eat all the chocolate and just enjoy the now.

Easter tree Bennetts Mangawhai, New Zealand


Big love


Sarah xxx

Always Violet Skies

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