Useful links

Here are some useful links for anyone in a similar situation looking for help.

Child Bereavement UK gives lots of advice to help families dealing with bereavement and some useful advice for other surviving children, teenagers and also tips for employers and friends too.

Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) is the UK charity for patient safety and justice.  They can help to give legal support for inquests.

Tommys is the charity that funds research to try to save babies lives.  Here’s the link

The NHS has famously reduced expenditure in mental health services but you can access some information via this site (for those in Manchester) and self refer too.

There is also often bereavement support counselling available at your local hospital so if a baby or person died in hospital then their staff should be able to point you in the direction of the family services team.  Here’s a link for Manchester’s family support service that is part of Manchester Children’s Hospital.

For anyone in Cumbria or online there’s a group called Tigerlily Trust and they have Facebook groups too.

Other useful and inspiring bloggers

The Legacy of Leo  – talks about life after stillbirth

Feathering the Empty Nest – talks about life after stillbirth – talks about motherhood after miscarriage

Our Missing Peace – for all who have been affected by the death of a child. Whether the loss is through miscarriage, still birth, neonatal, accidental, teenager or an adult.

Chasing Dragonflies – looks at life following the sudden death of a child.  Also published an amazing book that helps to explain death to children and adults a like in an uplifting way.

Violet’s legacy

We are also trying to create a lasting legacy in memory of our beautiful Violet and if you feel you would like to support us then she has a couple of fundraising pages links are – and

If you also would like to follow what else is happening regarding Violet’s fund and hear about other fundraising events and activities then feel free to interact with her page on facebook the link is

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