Life isn’t fair

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Life isn't fair

This is my mantra for today.  We all go through phases in our life were we feel we haven’t been dealt a fair hand and especially when you look at social media to see all the happy photos of people enjoying life.  A life when looking through the rose tinted glasses of instagram and facebook often looks happier than yours.  You do have to remember that these channels often give a different view of the world and most of these people often have their own internal issues and difficulties.

I always like to remember that the cliche of “there’s always someone that’s worse off than you” is very true.  You only need to switch on the news to see those who are much worse off.  Be thankful for what we do have; if only for the roof over our heads, the food in our stomachs, wonderful friends and family.  Think positively!

Love, Sarah x

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