When baby news upsets me

I was so excited to meet my brand new nephew yesterday who is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so pleased to see my beautiful sister healthy too, but friends I spoke to afterwards were concerned about it upsetting me and contacted me to check I was ok, which is lovely of them to care but prompted me to write this…

After having lost my little girl at 15 months and then a baby boy that never made it to full term, bless him, people seem to think that because of this I’ll get upset if they dare to announce a pregnancy or if they announce the birth of their new baby.

Violet at approx 10 weeks old

I have gotten upset occasionally, usually if the baby boy was born close to Arthur’s due date and/or been given the same name but even this doesn’t last very long at all.

I’m always happy whenever someone announces a pregnancy that’s healthy and the birth of a new baby, especially if it’s a close friend or family member, as I love to see other people happy and there are always baby cuddles available.

Arthur scan
Arthur at 16 weeks of pregnancy

What really upsets me is when I watch the news and hear of a baby or child that has been abused or murdered by their parents or family? That is what I find really upsetting, as we’d give anything to have our daughter or son healthy and with us, so when I read that someone has actually intentionally injured or killed his or her own child I find it abhorrent. That is the baby news that really upsets me and makes me so angry.

Our daughter was so well looked after yet she still got sick and died, from we think a lung disease, and my son had severe brain damage, yet I looked after myself in pregnancy, didn’t drink, smoke or do any drugs other than a pregnancy multivitamin! When I see pregnant women smoking and drinking alcohol that upsets me or women chain smoking blowing smoke over a pram and toddler that angers me too. Violet was never exposed to cigarette smoke. I feel sorry for children that are and want to shake their parents to say “do you know what it would be like if your child died?” That is when I get upset about someone else’s baby or child.

Thanks for caring about us though and we really appreciate it when people are so thoughtful to let us know about pregnancies, new babies etc before they then announce it to anyone else or put it onto social media, as it is lovely to know you all care and are still thinking of us.  Thank you.

Love Sarah x

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  1. I can understand why people think it may upset you & it is lovely for you to put them at ease. As for the anger towards adults that abuse babies & children, you are not alone. I get so angry when I see this and think of all the people I know who would give anything to have a child to love & nurture. There was another one on the news this morning but I won’t say another word on the low life that murdered her own baby. Keep up the good work Sarah & stay strong xx

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