A Walk in the Park – Autumn

The main way we try to remember our darling daughter is through travel as she was a born explorer, travelling to over 7 different countries in her short life always with a smile on her face. ┬áHere are some of the photos I’ve taken along the way since she left us. ┬áHope you enjoy them as much as I did capturing them as many of the scenes were quite emotional moments for me, especially the Violet sunsets.

Violet loved staring up at trees whenever we went for walks and she adored colours. I decided to capture some photos of local parks depicting the colourful beauty of Autumn which for me is beautifully sad as it now reminds me of the loss of my two children who both died in September so here are the best photos I took in Chorlton and Heaton Park.

Southern Cemetery, Manchester Autumn 2019
Southern Cemetery, Manchester Autumn 2019


Bovine balancing on Werneth Low
Autumn Sunset from Werneth Low
Wintery autumn day on Werneth Low
Violet sunset over Manchester

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